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SLIN-Z represents the most versatile and complete nutrient re-partitioner that can be used by almost anyone. It is quickly gaining popularity for its unmatched effectiveness for any goal. SLIN-Z has raised the bar and will soon become the new standard by which all other Nutrient re-partitioners will be compared to. For those who want to increase lean muscle mass, SLIN-Z aids this process through super glycogen compensation and amino acid uptake, increased creatine utilization, increased insulin sensitivity and improved strength, SLIN-Z should also be used by those trying to reduce body fat because of its potent effect of blocking fatty acid synthesis through ATP-Citrate Lyase, and also functioning as a PPAR-Alpha Agonist and a PPAR-Gamma Antagonist.. This makes dieting easier. A quick glance will reveal a few commonly seen ingredients, but the extracts used in SLIN-Z are unlike any other product.